We believe in growing slowly and carefully, which is why we remain flattered by, but unreceptive to, merger feelers from large firms. While we are always on the lookout for qualified associates, we hire only when we find exceptional candidates and only when we are confident that the business need - and therefore the best opportunity for a new lawyer - is there. When we are ready to hire, we look for candidates with the following qualities:

• Great academic credentials

We all have them, so we can't help but value them highly.


• Experience with sophisticated legal matters

We look for associates who have at least two to three years' experience, preferably with a large firm. Our practice comprises the same complex matters handled by large firms -- albeit with leaner staffing -- so spending time at a large firm is still the best way to find out whether you enjoy and have an aptitude for the kinds of matters that we handle.


• Belief in the primacy of client service

We look for associates who understand that the private practice of law is a service business, and who want to be in that business. We don't believe in "face time" or artificial hours requirements, but we believe absolutely in getting the job done for the client, on whatever schedule is required. With every lawyer in the firm sharing that goal, we all pitch in to help in a crunch; this is what makes it possible for us to deliver a true team effort.


• Desire to build a practice

We want associates to want to develop business. We think that our rational rate structure and quality reputation are positive marketing points and, in that context, we expect to help our young lawyers learn to build business. We'll show you how to do it; but we need you to have sufficient entrepreneurial spirit to make business development a career goal.


• Personality fit

We're small and close-knit, we work as a team, and law is undeniably a demanding business -- we need to like you, and for you to like us. If you interview here, you will spend time with every one of our lawyers, and each of them will participate in the hiring decision. We want you to come here only if it feels like a good fit to you, as well as to us.

Send all employment inquiries to ggu@ggulaw.com.


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